Riding in cars with boys and crying

Photo0667I’ve been crying for the past couple of hours. I don’t know how to explain it. I won’t even try. All I know is my heart just exploded for my father whom i don’t really know, but i just realized a completely new perspective…his.  You see I always thought I understood what was going on in this planet and I suppose prided myself in understanded where others where coming from, but men where a bit of mystery to me…that was before the the movie ” Riding in cars with boys” invaded my scences.  This 2001 movie had flown under my radar because frankly put, I probably wasn’t ready to watch it. To the neive viewer the true essence might just pass you by, but I sit here weeping because for me, I finally saw something I’d never thought of seeing before.


When I was singing in New Orleans, I passed by Steve Zahn & later he was enjoying my bands music twiddling his finger in the air in appreciation. At the time, I recognized him as that “funny guy” but as of tonight, now he’s the actor who portraid levels of sensativity that has brought me to absolute tears. Someone who was able to embody the sensativity of that of a man who struggles with addition and wants so desperatly to love his children…maybe the best way is to remove himself from their lives…watching Steve play the role of a father who under the spell of drugs left his family and his only son. He finally see his only boy again….his epically sweet, smart and suddle smerk was enough to … I don’t know… bring understanding to even this battered and bruised ego. I finally saw what possibly my own father has been feeling all these years. How can a man who has 4 beautiful daughters and one loving adoring son leave and turn his back? Maybe, because like that of the man Steve Zahn portrade, was in a position to know better. To know that it was best to walk away before things got worse. I’ve always been mad about why my dad left and now my own two marriages later I, of course, see myself quitly blaming him and my mother at times for my decitions, which seems silly…but now, maybe it’s a bit more understandable.

The look in Steves face when he says the words to his son that it was best that he left, dropped me completely. In every since of the word. I felt my heart colaps and my mind flashed to every father-daughter scene I could remeber almost faster than I could bare…something about his innocent and “wanting to do right” look cut me … cut me deep. oh shit…

I now have more pitty on my biological father than I have ever before. I’m not mad, but I  understand and it is almost unbareable. Unbareable to step or walk in his shoes. To live with an addiction, no matter what it is, is an incopacitating alment that you KNOW is stealing from you … you actually watch everything you love leave your hands…willingly…but against your will. And to know that everything or everyONE is better off without you in the picture is got to be the hardest decition any man could ever make.

Parents love doesn’t die. But sometimes that means because they are not perfect, the leaste they can do is walk away. It’s not because they hate us, but because it’s what’s best. I’m an absolute teary mess tonight…because my dad walked away a long time ago and I’m just now getting it.


Decoration DIY ACORNS


Why pay almost 10.00 dollars (or even $15.00) for something you can quickly make?! That’s what I thought when I was getting ready for my November wedding…so I went acorn hunting just like a little chipmunk. My mother and I filled our pockets with acorns every time we were on our pre-wedding walk (we both had some pounds to walk-off). It was fun, I felt like a kid and we have wonderful memories walking, talking and picking up acorns together. It’s the warm simple things in life that really stick to your heart.

After our many trips I had enough and was ready to get to work! See?


I separated all of their “hats” and got ready to hot glue the right sized acorn body to the hat of choice. Here’s a hint: Find the right sized hat FIRST. Then start glueing! Simple as that…oh and don’t forget your music. It’s fun to rock out to get that acorn mojo working!



PERFECT! Now, I decided to spray the acorns GOLD, but go ahead and get crazy! Use whatever colors you desire.


Let dry and you are done! Quick, easy and I will use these every fall. This would be a fun project with your tween or teenager too! Even you and your significant other will feel accomplished after finishing this fun project. Now get out there and build your memories as you build your home.

Enjoy finding the acorns in these pics!
IMG_9798 IMG_1627

I told you…We are movin’ forward like Jagger!

Check out our new Facebook! Jagger Dance is officially on FB!

Jacob is an amazing man… I hope we see you on his new Facebook where our dance performance updates, behind the scenes pics, dance tips via video posts and special discounts/give aways will be posted. Stop by and ask us questions, leave comments and meet other dancers from all around.

Boy we hope this grows and grows! :)


Sign Idea to bring bling


What I started with was a purple $1.00 mini-frame…. what I ended up with was a wintery classic silver frame to welcome my guests to our lovely evening of romance at our wedding reception.

IMG_2795Remove backs from frames

IMG_2797SPRAY SILVER in boxIMG_2796


I recommend this awesome spray!IMG_3257Let dry


Put back together…ooo pretty! Instant class!


I couldn’t decide what to do with the other frames. so I concidered framing paper flowers…



Instead,  made them welcome signs on each table….here’s how.


Pick paper to use


Test it out first on regualr paper…make sure you like your fonts and size before you print on the fantastic paper that you choose. IMG_2886



Cut to fit your frame and add beautiful sparkle tape (or whatever you’d like to spice up your greetings!)


Put them together and be thrilled with what you’ve made. It’s NOT hard and it leaves a fabulous impact…go have fun! Use them as picture holders again later for your home. Re-paint them to give them another update and re-use as you ‘d like! It’s a fantastic way to leave a big impact for little cost. Enjoy!IMG_2893 IMG_2892


Elvis Lives! Bringing the Rock n Roll


We’ve been working together for months now. I’ve gotten to meet such wonderful people and am surrounded by schooled Music Majors, talented minds and a long history of friendships and love that surpass any possible expectations. This show is going to be magic.

Clint is a well-known Elvis performer who takes his job very seriously. He can mimic and embody MANY performers such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and more. Any time he hits the stage, the audience doesn’t know what voice is going to come out. It’s truely fantastic. Did I mention he is a wonderfully kind man? Yeah, that too.

Our studio at DKP Company is a sweet little spot in town. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know eachother here, have had lots of laughs and building this Elvis vision.

IMG_3263 IMG_3264

This post is just a quick note to show you whats to come. We are booking casinos and will begin serious travel in January 2014. This Elvis show is like non other and the Casinos are really pumped to have us dazzle their patrons…and we are extremely thrilled to have the opportunity.

I’ll post behind the scenes during this Elvis journey, Clints Fan Club updates and all the crazy events, we are all experiencing together. We are slowly becoming like a family. I am so honored to be a back-up singer with a band who wants to honor The King of Rock n Roll. He lives! Welcome to our world.DSC_0149 DSC_0151 DSC_0015

Add something special to your wedding

A picture can speak a thousand words…but a picture with words captured in it? Now THAT’S powerful stuff!

I took that thought processes and decided to words (which I obviously adore language) and incorporate it into the photos and ambiance of my wedding. Sadly, since I am a DIY Bride, when my printer broke, I was thwarted the other items I’d planned to post for all my guests to see. Thank GOODNESS I decided to buy at least one wooden word of some sort at the local craft store.

OF COURSE, on sale…this is the simple beauty I found. (Can’t make this pic flip right)


Here is what I ended up doing to it…added a bit of wintry glitter with mod podge and some fabulous glitz I have.


End result? Simple and sparkly goodness…I LOVED it


I wasn’t sure where on the wedding cake table I was going to put it. Sence I was running around getting pictures taken and doing normal bridal things the day of (definitely NOT worried about details anymore-LET THAT GO LADIES!) someone lovingly placed it on the table like this:

Do you see the LOVE laying next to our “Every Season Always You” decor? The pink spring blossoms surround it. It wasn’t blocking the cake (I never could find an adequate cake stand I liked to lean it against) and it was in plain view so later I saw it and picked it up. Here’s what happened.
This picture is stunning. The candles were a gift from someone who didn’t ever use them. I dipped them in gold glitter and added rhinestone. The candle holders I had found for a $1.00 at Craft Warehouse and sprayed them gold. The snowflakes are ornaments that I put inside the circles of the candle holder. They currently hang on my Christmas tree holding wedding memories. The chandelier that lit up all different colors is an ornament that my mom and I found together. It was hung by the creative DJ Hope who was such a big help for two days straight. The flowers on the cake were made by one of Jacobs dance students. I even got to help make a bunch with her.  The cake was baked by Cupcake Company, who were WONDERFUL…and it was REALLY yummy. We borrowed the cutting knives from the Rogue Regency and even my bridal belt makes me smile thanks to Icing. It’s actually two head bands I found for two dollars each! My grooms tux neck tie was tied in an exquisite styled knot and was in our signature blue and red colors representing our underlines “opposites attract” theme. He’s a dream-boat. What a beautiful picture with a beautiful man. The LOVE of many brought everything together.
All sentimental memory making objects that Jacob and I will cherish forever. 
So go out there and find yourself a word to put in a picture and watch it bring everything together! For New Years, a wedding, a special party or whatever you like…don’t forget the power of words. ;)
MINIONS!!! Love them!
Thanks again Christy!