About this Blog

This blog continues to grow and develop. There are two main sections: one is musical adventures and the other are lifes seceret ups and downs. Both bring heart, my passion and inspirations. It’s real, it’s always different and include my photography from time to time.

556030_561422563879571_699597335_nHere’s where it all began…read below:

A series of serious 90 degree life-changing events has enveloped with in me a strong desire to grab hold of control in some way, so I am starting this personal challenge blog. I want to publicly turn these ashes to a beautiful musical portrait and  use my love of music to grow my passion for singing and meet others with the same drive…never,never,never give up. (Sir. Winston Churchill).…for anyone out there listening, I hope you enjoy this musical adventure. Here are some yearly goals:

  • 5 albums of differing musical styles will be recorded
  • Keep track of the haps during tours and performances
  • Share any behind the scene situations and insights that I can in hopes it may help someone else out
For updates as I plunge into facing my fears, meeting new friends and developing a new life all while creating music…join my journey and maybe…JUST MAYBE…it will help yours too!
Ila Selene Ulsted

7 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. MaryV says:

    Hi Ila, you sound like a fantastic personality. I like the way you talk! Very inspirational. thanks for following me. I play violin and piano. The violin I play in public with community orchestras. I’ve tried the solo gig for friends and families weddings. Way too stressful. I can still hear my mother saying it hurt her ears. (she would have been horrified to know I heard her say that). I’ve been blogging on and off for about a year. Last year I joined the post a week challenge, but konked out about this time last year. I am trying to get back into it. You are inspirational, thank you!

    • ila Selene says:

      I am so thankful! Appreciate your comments…I would LOVE to hear your creative works…I am working on those CD projects, as I’m sure you know…would LOVE it if you could send me a youtube link or send a web site. I’m on youtube as well…
      Keep posting! Big blogger high-five!

    • ila Selene says:

      WOW! I felt like a complete loser because I dropped teh blogging ball in the early summer (looooong story that I do plan on writing about someday…once I get the guts to) But, I figured, what the hey…get back up and ride on! 🙂 Never, never, never give up! Violin huh? That is a tough instrument. Did you see the video on the recycled/trash instruments that dumpster families create…they made violins, chellos and such. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. andy1076 says:

    Hi! thank you so much for following my blog 🙂

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