Hello world~Time 2 Tantalize!

Carosel of life, photo by ila selene

A series of serious 90 degree life-changing events has enveloped with in me a strong desire to grab hold of control in some way, so I am starting this personal challenge blog. I want to publicly turn these ashes to a beautiful musical portrait and  use my love of music to grow my passion for singing and meet others with the same drive…never,never,never give up. (Sir. Winston Churchill).…for anyone out there listening, I hope you enjoy this musical adventure.

  • 5 albums of differing musical styles
  • 5 instruments that I will play and record
  • 365 days
Check back all year for updates as I plunge into facing my fears and developing a new life.

One thought on “Hello world~Time 2 Tantalize!

  1. Leah says:

    Maybe a kids album? You’ve got some kiddos in your life that would be interested & it’s a totally different style!

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