Reflection…post from Jan 6th

Where to start? Gathering kindling of course! Walking the woods, concentrating on finding the best fuel for the fire is exactly how I felt today during my mind-gathering of lyrics, cloudy memories, vivid thoughts and surfing through stacks of drawing, photos and my private history logs. I found this article that Glamour Magazine had written about myself and a student I worked to support during her high school career. The article was meant to cover two pages and I was interviewed many hours over the phone by it’s author. At the cutting-boards end, I was given an upset phone call that her article had been downsized on account of the economy and the much valued advertising space they needed to have available. I thought to myself, well isn’t that ironic? In any case, enjoy the article…it may be mentioned in one of the songs from album #4. (Read the article below!)


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