The 1st of 5 instruments I will learn, has been chosen! oh man…

Here is the 1st musical instrument that I will learn for the “5 album 5 instruments in 1 year” musical challenge I have given myself. Thanks again for walking each of these days with me…

Here it is..the Ukulele’!

Isn’t she lovely! She’ll sound super sweet on the country album and I hope I will be able to do this instrument justice. I know I will try hard! This Ukulele was bought a few months ago, but hasn’t seen much action, until today! Here are some more pictures of this curvey beauty!

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As I promised earlier, here are some helpful links & information for beginning your Uke journey or for the advancement of it.

  • Cool on-line tuner! FREE
  • The Uke strings used to be made from cat-guts (or so I have read… and the history this instruments holds is immense. For such a small thing, I have to say… dynamite comes in small packages!
  • Another GREAT resource I have found is I purchased the Uke song book that has hundreds of beautiful songs translated to Uke fingering. There are video tutorials and even a community of Ukulele’ players from across the globe, on-line chatting it up with each-other. They problem solve, discuss purchase possibilities and even video their own efforts and personal growth. It is AMAZING!

So, here it goes fingers…get ready for the ukein’-lovein! OMG!


3 thoughts on “The 1st of 5 instruments I will learn, has been chosen! oh man…

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  2. Pete Herzog says:

    I love the uke and am glad you chose it for one of your 5.. I have taught my wife to play several years ago and she is a daily player. I picked up the uke habit a few years back in Hawaii when I was jonesing for a guitar, and fell in love with the instrument. Great vocal accompaniment, and easy to carry. I’ve since had the pleasure of sitting in on many uke jams booth here and on the island.

    • ila Selene says:

      wow Pete…I sure could use your help! I’m actually headed out to Maui soon…would love to jam while I’m there…maybe record? PLEASE keep in touch! Let me know how I can help you too….you music was wonderful to listen to.

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