Getting healthy helps our hearts…and (singing) lungs!

It’s time to get healthy!

If I am to complete this challenge (5 albums and 5 newish instruments to be learned) you bet I need to focus on my health.

“What Ila?!” you may be saying to yourself, “What does getting fit have to do with singing? Is this just another health-kick-push?” My simple reply would be… “A LOT!”

Singers use a gamete of muscles all throughout their bodies. I doubt Barbara Streisand just rolled out of bed and decided to sing for hours upon hours, living off of only coffee, jelly beans, a little leprechaun named Fred (for luck!) and lots of LOVE.  Granted, not all musicians want to tour and live the roadsters life-style, but no musician wants to be cut-off from entertaining or bringing joy to others because of health issues. Muscles in the stomach/diaphragm/back are needed for all levels of tonality and breath support. Without proper support, through time, a vocalist can develop the “N” word. Hearing that you have the dreded nodes or nodules is one of the worst nightmares for a singer. In Lecokers’ blog, they referenced wikipedia having a list of celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Omarion, Rod Stewart, and Victor Willis among others who have battled their throat-foe; nodes. Besides, without this much-needed lung capacity and muscle strength, one may find a tightly corseted soprano collapse on the floor in her beautiful opera gown.

and we just can’t have that…

When I was a Wedding Coordinator, I had to continually remind the wedding party to drink water,  be consciences of their melodic deep breathing and as most adults have heard numerous times throughout their lives…“don’t lock your knees!” Now, when I attend weddings, if the wedding party has not been coached proper, they all look like this guy to me…

Red, sweaty faces with clinched jaws from the groomsmen is never a good look!

So…how does one prepare for five albums in one year?

  1. Clean WATER! Filtered water! No nasty chlorine and whatever else is in the city water pipes or toxic plastic bottled water for me…no thank you! If you want to learn about the value of showering, bathing, cooking with and drinking filtered water, follow those links…you and your family (even the non-singers out there) will be happy that you did.
  2. Walking! Less than 30 minutes a day is WAY better than nothing at all..check out this awesome link. I was inspired and ended up walking an hour the next day. While walking, I remain conscience of my body and what the different sections are doing. Such as, my abs…are they tight? My breaths…am I breathing to my stomach, filling them up through to where even my back cane feel it. What are my shoulders doing? I have a constant issue with storing anxiety in my shoulder area, so reminding my muscles to release the tension there is done on an hourly basis. The problem with the passed out opera singer and the nervous groomsman is that they lost connection. There is a disconnect between the mind and body and even the general understanding of what their bodies where doing. They cut-off their own oxygen supply and blood circulation just by not being aware. To be a GREAT singer, you must remain aware…and that is a very healthy mindset to have on a daily basis.(add light stretches in every day too.)
  3. Do the small things to change your life. I like how this presenter challenges her audience to NOT HIT THE SNOOZE BUTTON. A heads up for those of you tender-eared as there is a little bit of language, but wow…inspiration in a bottle! (or for those comedians…”on a stiiiiiiiick.”)

That’s the beginning level! That’s it…that’s all I started with! I’ve added to this now, but in the beginning…simplify.  *If you eat junk food…that’s a different story. You’ll want to start cutting that back sooner than later, so add a number 4 *:)

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to start….wherever that is for you. That is what I am doing. Start small and appropriately for wherever you are in your health and grow up from there! I’ve had a VERY interesting health discovery recently and have taken many steps backward, but I’ll brush it off and keep moving forward.

Thanks for helping me out gang…I really appreciate your comments as I get healthier to sing more!


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