Get ready, get set…!!!.. sit all day??…o lordy

ORGANIZATION IS KEY! I can NOT say it enough…to be organized is to have the key that opens the right door at the right place at the right time. ORGANIZATION IS KEY! The key to YOUR successes in life.

I woke up this morning at 4:00am, much before my alarm I must tell the truth. 4AM was not the plan, but there it was…happening. After some debate with myself while I acted like that of a door on it’s hinge, swinging side to side trying to slam my eyes back to zzzzz-land, I gave up the battle and I tossed myself out of bed. It was 4:20am. What was I to do so early in the morning? Work out of course! Then I remembered I had spent the night at my moms home. Well, I can’t get on the elliptical without waking her. Her husband wakes at a pin-drop, so waltzing around their home at this hour was simply not a good plan. I began a stretching routine next to the bed, while I pondered all of the possibilities. Then I found myself doing flutter kicks, stomach crunches and more stretching…thoughts of music began swimming. What do I do today for my challenge? hummm….which direction do I take to be the most productive? hummmmm again….

I was (still am) excited and could almost “feel” anticipation building in this new 2012 year. I kept kicking my legs. Not just for music, I thought, but for humanity! Oh what JOY! All of these big beautiful bold, nearly grandiose, thoughts were gleaming in my head when suddenly everything came to a screeching halt. I stopped flutter-kicking. I thought, but how will I keep track of everything? Doom. I continued into the next kick and then stretched while in my morning haze until I figured it out. Keep organizing. That’s what.

You see, since my separation, the loss of two homes, businesses, jobs,  and other assets, (another story for a different time), I had a lot to get back into order. I remember driving the second of two HUGE U-Haul trucks from Seattle to Southern Oregon, when I decided I had to sell some of our things. I had moved 9 times over those past 10 years and I grew tired of the moving scene. It was time to simplify.

My mother used to tell me to take care of things because I never knew if I would get them again. And so I have. My mother’s efforts were not in vein, but life had another plan of bill collectors and a mess of gnarly paperwork. Over time it just became this yucky reminder of things gone by and like some battle wound that wouldn’t heal. Every piece of furniture in the storage units, along side unopened mail and old files filled to the brim, just bogged me down.

So purge I must! One day at a time. I would take an entire room full of paperwork and put it in sections-“TO TOSS or TO KEEP”, that was the question. Those I kept, I put them in folders or files, boxed what I was willing to drag around with me and shredded what I could keep electronically or just plain didn’t want to see anymore. I seem to remember some paper-burning parties too. What?! I was safe! Don’t judge me…  😉

I sold furniture and paid bills with it. I sold jewelery to bed frames and even my big red Chevy 4×4 truck and paid bills. I continually organized in order to find the next item on the chopping block for resale. It was a tireless, thankless job for over 5 years and I still take items to a local consignment shop named PRISM just to be sure I’m well-purged. I constantly reevaluating things I own. I didn’t go on a “get rid of everything” kick, more like a constant flow of “should I keep this, pack it, donate it or sell it?”


  • The paperwork is usually the hardest, so I always did the big items first so I could see immediate results.
  • Get your home in order while you work – if you have to put piles of things in your garage, so your home is peaceful & clean…DO IT!
  • Tackle a little every day. I looked at it like working out – a bit of it everyday helps in the long run
  • Take breaks and don’t become obsessed –  I really don’t have an easy shut-off button when it comes to work historically, but I’ve gotten better though!
  • Tackle the categories that you can easily “let-go” of – emotional items are TOUGH to say bye to. I had jewelery couldn’t bring myself to start with, so  began with sweaters. I moved to the jewelry a couple rotations later.
  • Hydrate & feel good music are important! Water helps relieve stress and you’ll make good decisions with a clear mind.

Twelve years is a long time to be intertwined with someone. This morning I realized, it was time for round 2 of my e-mail process. (I’m pretty sure that’s why I went back to bed this morning, cause I didn’t want to face it) After all day working on them, I can say I am almost done! I’d love to say I am finished, but that is just never the reality. And the sooner you realize that purging is a process, the better your process will feel and greater your reward will be! Keep on, keepin on!

Send me your music comments…I’m pretty organized now…I think. ?? 😉


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