Catching up with you! pages later…

I don’t have to explain to those writers out there in the world, how difficult it is to mentally “go-back”  multiple story-lines and play catch-up. To rekindle the fire that was and somehow translate that into writing is not as easy as one might think. Let me explain…

I have been taking care of my grandmother and her husband (he is very ill) and they do not have internet. I hope you all send your well wishes as you many of you have already done for the recently deceased Mr. Medford (the family is doing well) and Etta James…my grandmothers husband does not have much longer with us either it seems. Life is always changing.

As you all know I have settled on the style of country for one of my albums. I have found a lovely local talent who wants to document this process using video and is curretnly building a small crew. She will be at my Bathtub Gin Serenaders performances, my performances, special events and more. It is all very exciting for me and for her, so hopefully I will have more videos to post soon. I had six hours of singing last Friday night and that experience was outstanding! I want to do more. It was a REALLY good reminder of why I need to do those sit-ups and continue on my road to healthy living. WOW! I also met a nice gentlemen who took a big interest in my vocal range (believe me, I’ve worked hard on this) and can hear some of his originals within my voice. We have a meeting this week. As you can see, I have been a little busy-bee, but I have a long way to go. SO! Onto the next…

Last night was all about JAZZ! I sat with a local jazz-cat, and we listened for a variety of perfect songs in the jazz era for hours. Water in hand and fake books in the other, armed with You Tube and a stack of CD’s; we swung out groovy tune after groovy tune. Could I change the rhythm of that one song or would people HATE the change? Big band sound or trio? Maybe I should do both? What about sticking with only standard early 30’s-40’s jazz…but wait a minute…which kind?!! There were so much brainstorming, helpful advice and moments of glee when we found one I REALLY felt passion for, all those hours seemed like small minutes. My music partner eyes bulged out of his head when we both excitingly settled on Ill Wind (You’re Blowin Me No Good). We continued this massive quest, filling our ears with greats like Cole Porter, Gershwin, Ella F, Louis A, Billy Holiday, Doris Day, Bessie Smith and Etta James. We moved into “now” artists such as Jamie Cullum and even discovered someone new! She is a sultry singer who will blow your socks off…check her music out! See Sophie Milman now!  The band-mates she has played with are extraordinary talents as well…good people from what I can tell. Go Sophie!What an inspriational evening of jazz music, laughter, research and healthy living! I could hardly sleep last night…Mr. Newcome, when can we do that again sir?!

Pages later of possible songs, I have put a star next to the ones that move me the most…for now. I know how music and really anything in the arts unfolds, so for now, I will ponder them all and keep looking. I want the diamonds in the rough. The songs that are great and should be well known. The ones that I not only relate with, weather due to the behind the scenes story or the lyrics/melody lines, but also those I can embody and represent extremely well. I have a long journey of sifting and believe the right songs will be discovered. For all 5 of these albums.  Feel free to send me suggestions of course! (from ANY style of music)

I’ll leave you with this gem of a list

I’m not giving up





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