what next

What a whirlwind of couple weeks!

Ever since I have posted this blog, the energy level simply continues to rise. I have been learning even more about musical history, uncovering local talent, making new friends and have more opportunities to continue growing in my craft. It’s all very exciting…

So what next? 🙂

Apparently, slowing down…cause I got sick. I hadn’t lost any weight yet, so I guess there’s nothing like not being able to eat for a couple days to get that old matabalism movin! I have not taken any medication because I had a medical test on my calendar I couldn’t reschedule. So, if you find yourself unable to drug-up on any white pill wonder or the lovely green capsule that knocks you out at night…here is what I had to do to get through.

WATER! Awww yes, the continual push of good clean filtered water. It’s a deal-breaker for me, what can I say?

To that warmed up water, please add a half of a lemon to give your sicky throat a much needed charge. (click here)  

Last, but NOT least add a touch of the almighty honey!

So, warm the filtered water, slice your beautiful organic lemon in half and have that delicious gooy-goodness near for the combination of a life-time!  Pour the hot water in a mug/tea cup, squeeze the ahlf lemon (as much as your weakend sick little arms allow you to…poor thing.) and add a drop of honey. Enjoy nature clearing and soothing your throat.


SO that is the pleasant part of the blog….part two is not so nice. Weak stomachs, be ware.

As a singer, I am constantly aware of what foods will give me indigestion, what liquids I drink the day of a performance and making sure I am doing what I can to care for my throat and vocals. Unfortunately after today, I’ll need to give myself some major throat love. Oh my dear…

I had everything organized at the foot of my bed for my at-home testing today. I found the kit pieces I had laid out the night before for and thought…start with the blood. Get it done with first. Blood is a silly thing really. Everybody has it and everyone has lost some and we all know it makes more for us when we do, so all is well in the world and there is no need to panic.

I repeat, there is NO NEED TO PANIC ILA! 

You see, I have had a LONG standoff with needles, blood and generally allowing anyone to poke, hurt or those pesky Nurses that are only trying to “help” me…pretty much I have a sick stomach when it comes to all of it. I’ve passed out many places…ugh. There is a story that my dentist continues to tell to this day, from when he first started his practice. My sister and I walked in that day to have different procedures done, but we left with dizzy heads, puke on our shirts and I was the only one who was “allowed” to continue the tooth filling process. Apparently if you puke, drilling in the mouth is still game on! My sister blacked out…that’s a no-go for the dentist staff. (BTW, she is a Dr. now and has completely cured herself of this ridiculous reaction/fear.)

Later in life, I discovered I have a sensativity to eggs. The next time you visit your dentist, ask about eggs in the novicane. Yep! You guessed it…the base is probably egg. I request a different kind of shot now and haven’t had a problem since.

So imagine my surprise today! The kit came with a little self-mutilation tool to “gently  poke” the ring finger and “milk” the blood. o.k., Down went the weapon of choice towards my finger…and back up again. What?! I didn’t do it? So I went for try number two…then three…then four…then…this is silliness! I was battling with myself over something I new wasn’t going to kill me, had no egg in it (or helpful Dr.s near by to drain me of more blood than they need) and I needed to do this test!  The kit told me I MUST milk my own blood in the first 30 minutes of waking; clearly that was not happening a lone. I needed help.

I raced downstairs and begged my friend to help out. During his third groggy attempt (not really on his to-do list for first thing in the morning), he stabbed me. “YAYE!” I thought. oh…wait.. 😦 Ouch! Quickly snatching up the card I began to milk my finger onto the flap of special paper. I thought about the fact that I was “milking” myself…my blood…eww…then I changed my thoughts to the task at hand, until my finger throbbed even harder. Milking finished. Thank GOD! I thanked my blood-buddy (that sounds gross, sorry) and left.  Dizziness flushed over me and I tried to gather control. I said, “I think I might pass out.” He didn’t think anything of it. Then he heard the bellow puking from the kitchen. Between each loss of stomach projectile I called out his name, pleading for help. Then he came a runnin!

What happened was, after I left the room, I instantly became weaker and weaker, until I was on the kitchen floor. I remember thinking that I can’t allow myself to do this, so began to get myself up, but down I went again. Then sicky…oh GOD. As I said, singers really care about what goes in and out of their throats, so when I felt that old friendly puke-gut feeling, all I could think about was how bad it would be on my vocal chords…all that acid! Try as I might, I lost the heave-ho battle…many times over.

I still had more tests to do, so after rinsing my mouth out with water I began to spit into a big plastic tube for the next 20 minutes. Three more empty tubes gleamed from the foot of my bed, waiting for their 20 minutes of warm spittle. This was not how I saw things going this morning…Maybe that’s why the lemon honey water tasted so amazingly good today?

Other things I recommend for singers (or whomever!)

Neti Pot        www.leahswater.com    warm water and lemon

nice softer tissues  (I hurt my skin and nose with the old “toilet paper roll by the bed trick” today…not a good choice.)


6 thoughts on “what next

  1. Leah Olsen says:

    Oh Ila! What a fiasco we’re going through for laboratory results, hey? Well done in getting through it. It is a bit of a gross thought to “milk” your finger for blood, but I guess there’s no better way to say it!

  2. icyhighs says:

    Ooh damn the TP-roll-by-the-bed tendency that only ever makes itself known when you’re sick! After the last time, I make sure I have a stash of man-tissues in my storeroom at all times. Get well soon!

  3. Yes, lemon and honey! The BEST cure for the sicky blues! 🙂

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