Meet someone new=make music 2gether!

We met this traveling kid (23 years old or so) traveling through the area. So OF COURSE we just HAD to jam with him for a bit…it was fun! Step out and say hi to someone new today. 😉



We have his information, so I hope to put him on some of the songs when it comes time to record! You never know who you will meet….so get out there! You might make some beautiful music together.


Clarity after all nighters…why does this work?

There have been moments of un-rest, but then there are on-going days of absolutely no sleep.

I spent the last couple of days unable to slow my mind or “zen” out and therefore have not collected on much needed ZZZ time. I finally fell asleep…mid-texting a friend of course, ha!…and woke up this morning refreshed! Did I eat something wrong that kept me up for almost 2 days?! What was THAT all ABOUT?  All I know, is this…I feel GREAT! I have a clarity of  mind and life-direction that is thrilling. I did not solve world hunger (very unfortunate) but I have, for a lack of better words, laid some annoyances to rest. Thankfully! (Maybe it was the amazing belly dancing workshop I took with the amazing Tiazza?)

Why is this? Does anyone know? The brain is a mystery to me…I have been studying it from time to time, but I don’t recall reading about if a person stays up for days how that can actually HELP their healthy lifestyle. Was it stress? Did bringing myself to loopy-exhaustion actually burn something in my mind, so that some healthy new “bridge” could be built? I didn’t do it on purpose, but I did listen to what my body wanted. I wasn’t in a twisted up mess, I was actually at peace..or at least felt that way.

Since my last blog, more news was filtered my way. I no longer work for the school district, but folks still keep in contact with me and we check in with one another…recently invited to a baby 1 year old celebration. There are wonderful people at that school district. Unfortunately, this past weekend another middle school student died. She was drinking, smoking pot and sucked on helium…I guess she accidentally left this world pretty fast. That same week, a high school student collapsed during physical education class and died. The staff used a defibrillator, but the student did not revive. Apparently, the staff members wouldn’t take that as the final answer! They began trading off CPR intervention efforts…after 7 LONG minutes, the student was revived! YAYE!

Sometimes it’s not the time to walk away from helping someone in need or gifting life to a past personal dream…it’s time to dig-in the heels, team-up if need be, get serious and start breathing into that thing we let go of. The key here though is…timing. Amazing people at my past employment.

One the flip side, last night I was asked to come in for a second interview! Also, I was given the opportunity to take more of Tiazza’s classes at an outstanding and very reasonable rate (she also runs boot camps…oh help me Lord!). The singing competition is right around the corner (I’ll need everyones votes to win!), I am about to see my healthy baby niece (Still so proud of my little sister-Three days of labor) and the music project is coming a long nicely. The two days of the non-stop eyes-wide open session became a strange moment of clarity.

I’m on the right track. I keep listening to my heart and try to make the best decisions I am able to in the moment. I I am thankful for the gift of life I have been given and respect others for the same. I will dedicate my work to those who who have fallen from our sites. (I am still heavy hearted over Whitney Houston, but like in a recent Jim Carey movie I watched with my grandmother and mom last night…toss yourself out there and try to love. If it hurts that’s good because then you know you are still a live.)  I am unbelievably thankful for what I have today and know exactly what direction I am taking, of course with details unknown, and will hold this treasure close to my chest. It’s for me to know, so I can continue to get-up and GO!

We can’t save everyone star, but I am making a difference for the ones I come across by apparently, skipping sleep for a couple days and opening new discoveries. This is going to be an amazing year.

me, camera & clouds...mmmm mmm good

Be Mine?

Life is happening so fast. Every time I am about to sit down and blog, another BIG life moment happens. My eyes have been puffy from crying since the inspirational Whitney Houston’s’ passed, it’s Valentine’s day so a bunch of single ladies and I are all sassed up to hit the town in our attempt to embrace our “living in the now” situations and I just received word that my grandmothers husband just died. So let’s recap~

  1. Feeling like I am almost homeless again…long story, but I will figure it out. 🙂
  2. Seriously looking daily for a job, studying up on interviewing & built multiple resume’s
  3. Sang at funeral two weeks ago for a dear and wonderful man
  4. Past co-worker of mine who I served on the Union team with committed suicide…he was a teacher at one of the middle schools.
  5. Was asked to sing at another funeral for an 18 year old shot by local police
  6. Little sister ended up in hospital because after 3 days of natural child birthing, their daughter did not want to say hello to the world. One 3:30am C-section later, I received the text saying everything was good. I’m still recovering from lack of sleep and the emotional roller coaster. So happy everything is peachy now…but big time lack-o-sleep… brain-fogged! P.S. My sis did NOT have an epileptic attack! (that’s what was really on my mind a lot…do you blame me?)
  7. Whitney Houston (my secret mentor since I was very young) suddenly passed…I have a HUGE reaction I had no idea how much she influenced my soul
  8. Cried in front of my band…I don’t usually lose it in front of people. They were very supportive and understood. Re-applied make-up and we had a quick photo shoot….LOL!
  9. Meet with producer who wants to work with me and my ballroom dance partner. Put on shows and such…maybe this will be something? I don’t know…
  10. Valentines night…it’s all good! I have some beautiful woman to hang out with and we all are dressing up just because we want to! Let’s rally!!!
  11. Told my grandmothers grandpa just died.
  12. Gotta blog….

I’m not complaining, nor am I looking for sympathy…life happens and it’s all beautiful in some way. People are a gift and we should be sure to treasure them while they choose to be in our lives. I try not to take others or the air I breath for granted…I try to listen to my own heart beat and for those genuine who are around me. I will go out tonight with a woman who is pregnant and the father of the child isn’t participating right now, another woman who is trying to stop her world from crumbling & re-build her business, another intensely intellectual who owns her own house is a teacher of alternative “throw-away” kids because she has such a big heart and another woman who has owned her own trucking business and is an author!~all of these amazing woman are sharply professional, sassy, strong, trying to “bounce-back” and each one has their own amazing story.

Everyone does…I just choose to listen deeply to my soul and to those things around me. So, my own story of music will be greatly affected by these past two weeks…February has apparently turned into the month of seed planting in my heart and preparation for whatever music will come of it. I am scared, but I know I am not alone. We all have stories…happy valentines day…love the one your with, those around you and please don’t forget to love yourself.


My sisters in LABOR!

WOW! What a couple of days! My little sister went into “pre” labor a couple of days ago and is still going for it this evening. She is at home, all natural and I can’t believe how long this has been taking! RIGHT NOW she is pushing and working her body like so many billions of woman have done before her…I am unbelievably proud of her! (and freaked out for her at the same time.) You she, she just became a Doctor…graduated this year…and has epilepsy. She was told she couldn’t become a Doctor and she did! She became an ND, started her own magazine, runs a business and created a planner for new business owners to support them while they are getting started. A local college just picked it up for their graduates. PRETTY COOL HUH?! She was told she could not have children, and well…obviously, that’s simply not so. Like I said, I am proud of her beyond this world…

but I have to say…

…a child is possibly NOT something I think I want to do! Does that make me not a woman? It’s not like you flip through a magazine and choose what towel set or bedding you want, it comes in the mail easy-peezy, you open the box, wash them all and POOF! An updated home…no no not with a child. You never know what you are going to get! Delivery is not a simple process and then you are FOREVER a parent…or at least contributed to bringing another life into this world. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I don’t know, but that is a HEAP of long-term pressure! I love children, but more like OTHER people’s children. I love being a helpful person to families. Like, when my girlfriend needs a break…it’s ILA to the RESCUE for a coffee break away from the home-front madness. I am a great listener and I love to pamper worn-out mommies, rejuvenating them to their original shinny-selves…they smile more, breathe deeper and generally speaking, are “good-to-go” after we get done hanging out. Maybe I should open a mothers-day year round business…would anyone want that??

I love kids. I have God children, nephews and a niece. (plus whomever is on the way tonight!) These past 3 days have been an emotional roller coaster of stop-start labor & communication mix-ups. At one moment, when I thought the text said it was time to celebrate, I arrived in all my glee, only to find out that nothing had happened and she was still in hard labor! I sat on the floor in absolute exhaustion from the see-saw of it all.

Through all of this, I keep hearing some of my blog-readers suggestions. They have said I should consider doing a kids album with lots of children’s music. There just might be one “birthing” out of this long experience. I can do THAT…maybe.

What do YOU think?



It’s late, but I just have to say…

After my tranquil reflective and dare I say, amazing evening, (read previous post and listen to the wonderful music suggestions) I was ready to bounce out of bed this morning in expectancy for a fabulous day! And boy oh boy was it ever! I began the day with a glass of water and my new work out friends…the Zumba Instructors and Team. The rest of the day continued to be a filled with pep and swagger…so I am pretty thankful I started it out with the energy level my body needed. Simply said…


As apart of my 5 albums in 1 year personal challenge, I MUST be healthy enough and fit in order to bring the power and passion into the records that I am looking to record. I have been steadily working out, but when I saw the infomercial (it was a late night of vaccuuming…believe me, it was not my finest hour…ha) I thought that maybe this Zumba thing just might be the kick I needed. I had just finished a side job, so I bought the kit on-line that night with the money I just earned. Of course, after I had finished vacuuming. 😉

I received it a couple of days and was pumped to get started!

HOLY CRUD-O-LY! Either I am more out of shape then I previously thought or this IS exactly what my body (and mind) needed. Here’s what the little box that has been kicking my abs looks like!








What an inspirational little box it is too! I’ll keep you all posted on how it is going as part of my musical year-long journey. Between this, healthy eating habits and overall positive lifestyle changes; I really expect to have my diaphragm, abs, lungs and back muscles up to par for the slamming recording sessions I’ll be having in the future. Here we go!


Changes made in a blink

Suwanee River, cool and calm

Sometimes your weak, but sometimes you are strong

Believable and enchanting you make my life feel free

Nothing can compare to what you’re inspiring~

Fall over me with grace and change before my eyes

Breath deep and let the world, roll to the side

Tell your stories, there truth listens to your time

You engulf me, in the blink of an eye….

By Ila Selene

The Suwanee River is an interesting historical major river. It’s the black river, it’s fast and slow and as it bends in almost a purposeful “C” has even been known for it’s healing power.  Water is beautiful that way…it’s like life…you just never know what you’re going to get. I read once that woman (generally) were like rivers, in the since that everything in the life of a woman, effects or can “run into” the next thing in theat womans life. It literally “flows” from one situation to the next…emotionally or otherwise. So, if a womans cat died that morning, her child is sick, she gets gum in your hair and her mother calls her asking if she want to bring a casserole or a side dish tonight for the family get-together, that woman may find her river has collected a lot of crap a long the way and “out of nowhere”, bight her mothers head off for even asking such an inconciderate question. According to this same book, men compartmentalize (again, generally speaking) and in this example would leave his mother with her head still attached on her shoulders, safe and sound as though everything was peachy. One situation, does NOT generally effect the next in a “flowing” and emotional way. In fact, if that mans mother called him at work, he may not even pick-up the phone. This book spoke about woman and our emotions to be a bit more fluid and all connected. I found it fascinating.

During this musical journey, I definitely relate to the ebb and flow of life as to a river. The white waters look amazing cast from afar, but can be an overwhelming force to tackle or journey within. As previously stated, I’ve had many changes and outside deterrents that have kept me from following my heart, but the biggest challenge I face; is the waters within. The deep wells of insecurities, the fast moving current of doubt and frustration, and even a boulder or two that get in the way of my boat moving forward. Sometimes the biggest fights are from within. Then, there are mergers of inner-peace and external awareness. Where water greets calmn and elements are in agreement internally and all around. The moments that marry serenity both outword and inword. Those glass-topped “lazy” river moments of reflection. I have been blessed to have a moment like that tonight.

I sat with thirty or so woman earlier today, who surrounded a large table, during a wonderful, catered surprise birthday party for a friend turning 80 years old. Every woman at that table was amazing in her own, and the range of these ladies from 30-somethings to almost 100-somethings is an outstanding sight. I listened to woman discuss the things they appreciated in life. I observed them as they laughed at the birthday “girls” excitement and glee of being so loved and not forgotten. I watched my grandmother and mother, stare back at me from across the table and felt their love double portioned from that I had sent to them with my own eyes. It was a wonderful surprise birthday party…for everyone.

Later, a very good friend of mine surprised me with a chiropratic appointment to align my back and message it out. My head is still headache-free and relaxing muscles in my shoulders have been put on ice to complete the absolutely wonderful tune-up.  Lots of water in me and I am closer and closer to my healthy living goals.

Today felt more like a boat trip down a current of a river then anything I could have planned. I ‘ve been emotional with pure happiness and have been able to bend my mind around all that I have seen. As with the Suwanee River, after the “C” bend, the healing waters have a chance to bubble up and flow…I’m very thankful for this visit. It’s a magical place to be. (I’m listening to Bob Brozman, Green River Blues…google it and check it out!)

Goals reached thus far with the support of many…

  1. Have been invited to sing in a competition where I could win recording sessions. This is right a long with what this blog challenge was set-up for….how ironic and wonderful.
  2. Building a videography group who want to help me. They will volunteer their time and passions to provide interviews, promotional material and whatever outside the box ideas they come up with. I’m flabbergasted.
  3. Venues around town are booking the Bathtub Gin Serenaders (the band I sing in) more and more. I’ve worked hard on promotional efforts and networking…this is great news.
  4. Photographers who are willing to help shoot the musicians I will play with on the albums, during the live performances and even promotional material have been found. Love them.
  5. The next phase of musical style number two has begun and style number three is following close behind.
  6. Street-teams have begun to form and people are beginning to talk!
  7. A venue for a big dance party has been chosen and flyers are being made for that good time.
  8. The list goes on and on….. Simply put…wow. I like being like a river sometimes.

Fall over me with grace and change before my eyes

Breath deep and let the world roll to the side

Tell your stories, the truth listens to your time

You engulf me, in the blink of an eye…. and you set me free, I am alive.

OH…..I feel a live, yeah…I am alive. 

In a blink of an eye. 

(Just for the fun of it, click…Watch the River Flow)