Changes made in a blink

Suwanee River, cool and calm

Sometimes your weak, but sometimes you are strong

Believable and enchanting you make my life feel free

Nothing can compare to what you’re inspiring~

Fall over me with grace and change before my eyes

Breath deep and let the world, roll to the side

Tell your stories, there truth listens to your time

You engulf me, in the blink of an eye….

By Ila Selene

The Suwanee River is an interesting historical major river. It’s the black river, it’s fast and slow and as it bends in almost a purposeful “C” has even been known for it’s healing power.  Water is beautiful that way…it’s like life…you just never know what you’re going to get. I read once that woman (generally) were like rivers, in the since that everything in the life of a woman, effects or can “run into” the next thing in theat womans life. It literally “flows” from one situation to the next…emotionally or otherwise. So, if a womans cat died that morning, her child is sick, she gets gum in your hair and her mother calls her asking if she want to bring a casserole or a side dish tonight for the family get-together, that woman may find her river has collected a lot of crap a long the way and “out of nowhere”, bight her mothers head off for even asking such an inconciderate question. According to this same book, men compartmentalize (again, generally speaking) and in this example would leave his mother with her head still attached on her shoulders, safe and sound as though everything was peachy. One situation, does NOT generally effect the next in a “flowing” and emotional way. In fact, if that mans mother called him at work, he may not even pick-up the phone. This book spoke about woman and our emotions to be a bit more fluid and all connected. I found it fascinating.

During this musical journey, I definitely relate to the ebb and flow of life as to a river. The white waters look amazing cast from afar, but can be an overwhelming force to tackle or journey within. As previously stated, I’ve had many changes and outside deterrents that have kept me from following my heart, but the biggest challenge I face; is the waters within. The deep wells of insecurities, the fast moving current of doubt and frustration, and even a boulder or two that get in the way of my boat moving forward. Sometimes the biggest fights are from within. Then, there are mergers of inner-peace and external awareness. Where water greets calmn and elements are in agreement internally and all around. The moments that marry serenity both outword and inword. Those glass-topped “lazy” river moments of reflection. I have been blessed to have a moment like that tonight.

I sat with thirty or so woman earlier today, who surrounded a large table, during a wonderful, catered surprise birthday party for a friend turning 80 years old. Every woman at that table was amazing in her own, and the range of these ladies from 30-somethings to almost 100-somethings is an outstanding sight. I listened to woman discuss the things they appreciated in life. I observed them as they laughed at the birthday “girls” excitement and glee of being so loved and not forgotten. I watched my grandmother and mother, stare back at me from across the table and felt their love double portioned from that I had sent to them with my own eyes. It was a wonderful surprise birthday party…for everyone.

Later, a very good friend of mine surprised me with a chiropratic appointment to align my back and message it out. My head is still headache-free and relaxing muscles in my shoulders have been put on ice to complete the absolutely wonderful tune-up.  Lots of water in me and I am closer and closer to my healthy living goals.

Today felt more like a boat trip down a current of a river then anything I could have planned. I ‘ve been emotional with pure happiness and have been able to bend my mind around all that I have seen. As with the Suwanee River, after the “C” bend, the healing waters have a chance to bubble up and flow…I’m very thankful for this visit. It’s a magical place to be. (I’m listening to Bob Brozman, Green River Blues…google it and check it out!)

Goals reached thus far with the support of many…

  1. Have been invited to sing in a competition where I could win recording sessions. This is right a long with what this blog challenge was set-up for….how ironic and wonderful.
  2. Building a videography group who want to help me. They will volunteer their time and passions to provide interviews, promotional material and whatever outside the box ideas they come up with. I’m flabbergasted.
  3. Venues around town are booking the Bathtub Gin Serenaders (the band I sing in) more and more. I’ve worked hard on promotional efforts and networking…this is great news.
  4. Photographers who are willing to help shoot the musicians I will play with on the albums, during the live performances and even promotional material have been found. Love them.
  5. The next phase of musical style number two has begun and style number three is following close behind.
  6. Street-teams have begun to form and people are beginning to talk!
  7. A venue for a big dance party has been chosen and flyers are being made for that good time.
  8. The list goes on and on….. Simply put…wow. I like being like a river sometimes.

Fall over me with grace and change before my eyes

Breath deep and let the world roll to the side

Tell your stories, the truth listens to your time

You engulf me, in the blink of an eye…. and you set me free, I am alive.

OH…..I feel a live, yeah…I am alive. 

In a blink of an eye. 

(Just for the fun of it, click…Watch the River Flow)


4 thoughts on “Changes made in a blink

  1. Patti Iverson says:

    wowowowowow to how your life and heart is just healing, flowing, growing! One of these days you’re gonna say you’ve come back to the Jesus you love and found a church family and then shucks–the sky’s the limit for you! You’ve already been loving Him all along–your shiny heart ‘n soul just oozes all over the place and I love you–little missy! Sing on!

    • ila Selene says:

      Thanks Patti! This Blog has been a wonderful tool for me…super happy I took the step! I appreciate your joyfulness and am excited to work with you in the future…have a great Monday!

  2. Leah Olsen says:

    “Sometimes the biggest fights are from within” I think they are always from within. We become what we think about. Nice reflection, Ila.

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