It’s late, but I just have to say…

After my tranquil reflective and dare I say, amazing evening, (read previous post and listen to the wonderful music suggestions) I was ready to bounce out of bed this morning in expectancy for a fabulous day! And boy oh boy was it ever! I began the day with a glass of water and my new work out friends…the Zumba Instructors and Team. The rest of the day continued to be a filled with pep and swagger…so I am pretty thankful I started it out with the energy level my body needed. Simply said…


As apart of my 5 albums in 1 year personal challenge, I MUST be healthy enough and fit in order to bring the power and passion into the records that I am looking to record. I have been steadily working out, but when I saw the infomercial (it was a late night of vaccuuming…believe me, it was not my finest hour…ha) I thought that maybe this Zumba thing just might be the kick I needed. I had just finished a side job, so I bought the kit on-line that night with the money I just earned. Of course, after I had finished vacuuming. 😉

I received it a couple of days and was pumped to get started!

HOLY CRUD-O-LY! Either I am more out of shape then I previously thought or this IS exactly what my body (and mind) needed. Here’s what the little box that has been kicking my abs looks like!








What an inspirational little box it is too! I’ll keep you all posted on how it is going as part of my musical year-long journey. Between this, healthy eating habits and overall positive lifestyle changes; I really expect to have my diaphragm, abs, lungs and back muscles up to par for the slamming recording sessions I’ll be having in the future. Here we go!



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