My sisters in LABOR!

WOW! What a couple of days! My little sister went into “pre” labor a couple of days ago and is still going for it this evening. She is at home, all natural and I can’t believe how long this has been taking! RIGHT NOW she is pushing and working her body like so many billions of woman have done before her…I am unbelievably proud of her! (and freaked out for her at the same time.) You she, she just became a Doctor…graduated this year…and has epilepsy. She was told she couldn’t become a Doctor and she did! She became an ND, started her own magazine, runs a business and created a planner for new business owners to support them while they are getting started. A local college just picked it up for their graduates. PRETTY COOL HUH?! She was told she could not have children, and well…obviously, that’s simply not so. Like I said, I am proud of her beyond this world…

but I have to say…

…a child is possibly NOT something I think I want to do! Does that make me not a woman? It’s not like you flip through a magazine and choose what towel set or bedding you want, it comes in the mail easy-peezy, you open the box, wash them all and POOF! An updated home…no no not with a child. You never know what you are going to get! Delivery is not a simple process and then you are FOREVER a parent…or at least contributed to bringing another life into this world. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I don’t know, but that is a HEAP of long-term pressure! I love children, but more like OTHER people’s children. I love being a helpful person to families. Like, when my girlfriend needs a break…it’s ILA to the RESCUE for a coffee break away from the home-front madness. I am a great listener and I love to pamper worn-out mommies, rejuvenating them to their original shinny-selves…they smile more, breathe deeper and generally speaking, are “good-to-go” after we get done hanging out. Maybe I should open a mothers-day year round business…would anyone want that??

I love kids. I have God children, nephews and a niece. (plus whomever is on the way tonight!) These past 3 days have been an emotional roller coaster of stop-start labor & communication mix-ups. At one moment, when I thought the text said it was time to celebrate, I arrived in all my glee, only to find out that nothing had happened and she was still in hard labor! I sat on the floor in absolute exhaustion from the see-saw of it all.

Through all of this, I keep hearing some of my blog-readers suggestions. They have said I should consider doing a kids album with lots of children’s music. There just might be one “birthing” out of this long experience. I can do THAT…maybe.

What do YOU think?




3 thoughts on “My sisters in LABOR!

  1. says:

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  2. ila Selene says:

    UPDATE: She had a little GIRL!!!! 🙂 Now I can sleep…good night baby girl…your long-distance auntie loves you. Again Leah…you are amazing. xo…

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