Clarity after all nighters…why does this work?

There have been moments of un-rest, but then there are on-going days of absolutely no sleep.

I spent the last couple of days unable to slow my mind or “zen” out and therefore have not collected on much needed ZZZ time. I finally fell asleep…mid-texting a friend of course, ha!…and woke up this morning refreshed! Did I eat something wrong that kept me up for almost 2 days?! What was THAT all ABOUT?  All I know, is this…I feel GREAT! I have a clarity of  mind and life-direction that is thrilling. I did not solve world hunger (very unfortunate) but I have, for a lack of better words, laid some annoyances to rest. Thankfully! (Maybe it was the amazing belly dancing workshop I took with the amazing Tiazza?)

Why is this? Does anyone know? The brain is a mystery to me…I have been studying it from time to time, but I don’t recall reading about if a person stays up for days how that can actually HELP their healthy lifestyle. Was it stress? Did bringing myself to loopy-exhaustion actually burn something in my mind, so that some healthy new “bridge” could be built? I didn’t do it on purpose, but I did listen to what my body wanted. I wasn’t in a twisted up mess, I was actually at peace..or at least felt that way.

Since my last blog, more news was filtered my way. I no longer work for the school district, but folks still keep in contact with me and we check in with one another…recently invited to a baby 1 year old celebration. There are wonderful people at that school district. Unfortunately, this past weekend another middle school student died. She was drinking, smoking pot and sucked on helium…I guess she accidentally left this world pretty fast. That same week, a high school student collapsed during physical education class and died. The staff used a defibrillator, but the student did not revive. Apparently, the staff members wouldn’t take that as the final answer! They began trading off CPR intervention efforts…after 7 LONG minutes, the student was revived! YAYE!

Sometimes it’s not the time to walk away from helping someone in need or gifting life to a past personal dream…it’s time to dig-in the heels, team-up if need be, get serious and start breathing into that thing we let go of. The key here though is…timing. Amazing people at my past employment.

One the flip side, last night I was asked to come in for a second interview! Also, I was given the opportunity to take more of Tiazza’s classes at an outstanding and very reasonable rate (she also runs boot camps…oh help me Lord!). The singing competition is right around the corner (I’ll need everyones votes to win!), I am about to see my healthy baby niece (Still so proud of my little sister-Three days of labor) and the music project is coming a long nicely. The two days of the non-stop eyes-wide open session became a strange moment of clarity.

I’m on the right track. I keep listening to my heart and try to make the best decisions I am able to in the moment. I I am thankful for the gift of life I have been given and respect others for the same. I will dedicate my work to those who who have fallen from our sites. (I am still heavy hearted over Whitney Houston, but like in a recent Jim Carey movie I watched with my grandmother and mom last night…toss yourself out there and try to love. If it hurts that’s good because then you know you are still a live.)  I am unbelievably thankful for what I have today and know exactly what direction I am taking, of course with details unknown, and will hold this treasure close to my chest. It’s for me to know, so I can continue to get-up and GO!

We can’t save everyone star, but I am making a difference for the ones I come across by apparently, skipping sleep for a couple days and opening new discoveries. This is going to be an amazing year.

me, camera & clouds...mmmm mmm good


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