Centeries part us; music binds us

A little Marilyn Monroe, antique glass washboard, apple computer, sun shine, music binders and stacks of CD’s can create quite the environment for a pleasant walk down memory lane! Months ago I lost all of my iTunes music…a painful reality….and thus took the time to re-enter all of my music beauties. For those new to this blog, my 2012 New Years resolution challenge (that’s why I’m even on this WordPress; documenting it all) is all about music and I needed my music to work well in my computer. I need my jazz, country, R&B, Soul, Jug, Classical, Easy Listening, Latin, Dance, and sounds of the ocean! O.k. well, I didn’t NEED the ocean waves for my musical challenge, but boy oh boy isn’t it grand to fall asleep to at night. (sigh)

I have had some of these CD’s for far too many years to count and it was divine holding them in my hand again. Digital music is convenient, but the feeling of dusty CD’s was actually refreshing and fantastic. I recently had the same opportunity with a bunch of old records I found at a garage sale and was able to transfer their timeless treasures to digital. (They were lost as well unfortunately when my iTunes crashed) The records were not as emotional for me to hold in my hands though, since I didn’t have the history with the physical, but I did dance around the living room with glee when the songs they held came to life. I don’t want to forget those happy responses, so if you are feeling like a break, let me suggest doing something like this. You won’t regret it!

During this downloading frenzy, I had to use my time wisely, so I bounced around the house taking care of little “to-do’s” but when I was forced to sit down in order to input the next CD, life slowed and memories opened.

I was flooded with memories. Birthday gifts, moments of surprise, garage sales finds, spur of the moment shopping, special events, shows, funerals, and even a “I really have no idea where this came from?!” The day flew by like this; hours upon hours. I got a lot done around the house, on-line, with music and in my heart. Moments like this:

I hurried downstairs to the wash and raced back up for the next input of CD…then boom! There was a song I hadn’t  heard in a while…it’s amazing how a smell, a sound or song can punch you in the stomach. 

It’s why I am doing this challenge. I’m compelled to. The arts have given me hours of free therapy and I hope to do the same for someone else with my music and all my efforts. Dusting off the old albums I hadn’t literally touched in a while, reminded me of the timeless truth. We need each other, though centuries part us, music binds us.



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