More karaoke! Wait…What?!?

It’s been a busy week! My business cards just came in today, so I was able to pass them out at the karaoke contest I helped judge tonight. I hope some of them contact me, because boy oh boy are there some wonderful voices out there! We shall see…It’s funny how time changes so many things in life… if we allow it to.

I was REALLY scared of singing karaoke, to the point that I never wanted to be around it. If I was with a group of friends or family and that magic box appeared, they would always beg me to go sing…after a long battle and sometimes losing the fight, I’d end up on the stage, completely freaked. How this is possible is beyond me. Not because I think I can sing anywhere at anytime…no quite the opposite. MANY performers still get the butterfly’s before a show, even after a century at it. karaoke was a major mind-block for me…any close performance when I had to sing,act,speak or dance where I would be able to see the audiences faces and all the emotions they were experiencing, was absolute horror to me. My girlfriends and I would go out and eventually karaoke came up as a “fun” night option. There were only so man times I would be given the grace to say no, until my close friend Carrie would get fed-up and irritated at my lack of participation. She was a karaoke air guitar and drumming queen! So I chose to face it head-on sooner than later as the inevitable was this…singers MUST sing karaoke and have FUN doing it! I enjoy watching people fight their fears with the karaoke mic…it’s a gas.

You can imagine my surprise when I was told I couldn’t compete in a karaoke contest because I was a “professional.” WHAT?! A little over a year ago, I was completely wrecked at the thought of singing with that machine…and now instead of being in the competition (and basically being kicked out of it…ha!) I was asked to come back and judge the semi-finals and the finals. Simply a bewildering thought. Time brings outstanding changes.

Below are some pics from this past weeks performances…so far the South Stage Cellars Rising Stars has raised over $700.00 for kids in need!

After a LONG week of multiple job-interviews, T.V. interviews, performances, building businesses, meetings & a plethora of karaoke singers, I’m sleeping well tonight. I know that out of all this, at least one more kid will be helped when they need the help, one more singer came closer to realizing their potential by taking one more scary risk and one more day has gone by where another day will replace it tomorrow and bring more hope for needy kids, singers and life hopes. It’s only just begun…


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