Strike a chord…I’m a wreck!

**I am not the type of person to cry at the drop of a hat…but something struck a chord in me today…

As you all know the arts can be a very emotional journey and hopefully if we are open to it, very healing. I can’t stop the tears right now as I am mixed with sadness and beauty all at once…completely overwhelmed.

During the recent karaoke contest I helped judge, there was a singer with such a sweet disposition and unique voice with such intense emotional passion almost bottled up inside of him, I found myself entranced with his simplistic, quite  beauty. I was so taken by his voice and overall demeanor, that I asked an audience member to grab his phone number for me as I wanted to speak with him later. He didn’t place in the final round of karaoke singers, but my ears could not erase the mystifying sounds that came from him. He was a humble man, didn’t have the grace to move across the stage like others in the competition, but still….there was something grand inside of him I saw.

I gave him my business card. I’d hoped I would have heard from him by now, but with no e-mail showing up as of last night, I chose to give him a ring today. He was flabbergasted that I called him and listening intently as I described my blog and personal challenge I had given myself. I told him I heard something special in his voice and really wanted him to consider a duet with me and we dialogued a bit.

And then…he says,

” Well, I don’t get out much … I don’t even know why I joined the karaoke contest. I don’t know when I will be able to get to a project like this…” He paused and rambled a little then said, “We just had my wifes memorial on Saturday.”

I sat silently, stunned. I listened. I gave my condolences and flashed back to how intensely he sang the love songs during the finals…every word of love and adoration so pure and genuine. He was singing it to her.

I know nothing about this man, but my heart aches for him and at the same time my heart swells with understanding of what he chose to do. He chose to sing to his bride and use music for its true intent…to cross time, bring people together and heal. wow. He literally sang threw his confusion, sadness and loss; using music and those around him that he knew respect it, to express his love and be closer to her.

I asked if this was expected, and with a hush, he said, “no…it was quit the surprise…”

I told him about a local hotline he could call for those times he may need it and let him know they were open 24 hours a day. (I used to help homeless kids remember? I hope it helps him.) We spoke more about the musical project and he said after a while, it sounds like something he would want to try out. Then he said, “although, I’m just a small choir boy.” I told him I saw something special and hoped I’d hear from him again. After one more word of condolences, we hung up the phone. I raced to blog as my mind raced. But as soon as my fingers touched the keyboard, I lost it…completely caught off guard and overwhelmed with the purity of it all…the amazing thing I was just apart of…it was the only response I had to the power of people together and music as its conduit and tool.

The karaoke crowd had all cheered him on, completely unaware of his journey. His spirit and message will be in these C.D.’s.


6 thoughts on “Strike a chord…I’m a wreck!

  1. KUZIN KEITH says:

    An amazing story about the power of music … I’m thrilled that you were able to see/hear/feel something special in that man and know it before you knew it. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    • ila Selene says:

      Thank you Kuzin…I am new to blogging (and writing) so I really appreciate the encouragement. If you have any pointers, coments or other helpfulness please leave it. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Judith says:

    glad i stopped by girl,and can’t wait to hear the Duet…hugs from Texas

  3. Rich Kenney says:

    A well-told story. Nice writing…

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