Well, I didn’t make it into the semi-finals for the rising stars fund-raising competition, BUT we did raise over $700.00 for kids in need! In order for people to vote they had to drive to South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville Oregon and put in their $2.00 vote. As of Thursday night I was ahead, but I guess last-day voters gave to the cause and to their favorite performer. It was a fun experience and I know the next group of people will find just as much enjoyment as I did. All the best to them all! 🙂

The T.V. interview I was in, looks to have been cut. Such as it goes some times. I remember when I was in Glamour Magazine, the article began as a big two page story. It took months of collaberation and continual interviews, and even included a photo shoot! It was the first time I was in a 5 Star hotel…ha…let’s be real; the ONLY time. The article ended up less than a page (if you count actual words, not pictures.) It was a LOT of work for everyone and overall an immense amount of time invested into painting this true-life story. It was cut back for advertising space.

So, I don’t have any links to give you or news of heading to the semi-finals, but I will give you this…


There was a time that I would have been discouraged by these events. Now, I see them as wonderful life experiences where I was pushed to step-out and am inevitably glad that I tried! I think, “Who knows who else may have benifited in some way.” I don’t want to think back and regret. I want to pull back the magical red velvet curtain to see what it hides.


We are made to reach new discoveries and search for hidden treasures…I don’t think we can really help ourselves as human beings. It’s the reason we have maps of both the land and ocean bottom…we just keep PUSHING.

My “no” is someone elses “yes”, my failure is someone elses opportunity and my grit becomes strength for everyone.

Never, never, never give up. (Sir Winston Churchill)

I hope this encourages someone out there. HUGS

Well, I didn’t…


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