Hawaii here I come

Much musical magic has manifested over the past couple of months. From the start of this music blog (for those of you who are new, please read the ABOUT page to catch up on the current projects) to me flying to Maui, as I type out this sentence. And like this opening paragraph, life is full of many m-filled moments.

Mmmm Mmmmm good…

“You’ve got to learn to take the good with the bad…

the bad makes the good that much better”

Someone told me that once (or twice) and I have taken it to heart.

As most of you know my past will thankfully stay in the past (we say hallelujah!) and I choose to see life for the possibilities that it holds. So, here we are folks! Here is a fantastic update in ila selene music land, while I fly a bazillion miles in the air!

  • Blog started in January 2012 to reach a personal goal of learning 5 instruments & recording 5 styles of music posted…all to be chosen as the year chosen thus far (but always allow for wiggle room): Country & Jazz!
  • COUNTRY: Read the updates; click here!
  • JAZZ: Read the updates; click here!
  • Local church musicians/choirs are talking about ideas. (What’s happened)
  • Musical instruments chosen so far: ukulele & harmonica
  • Read uke update; click here!
  • Read harmonica update; click here!
  • Networking here in Southern Oregon and Worldwide. Friends in Africa, & Australia now and all around the USA, who are 100% on-board!
  • Many local photographers will donate to this project!
  • Video fear over! (I never wrote about it, but I had big issues to overcome.)
  • I’ve lost 10 lbs! (Being healthy = better music; read this!)
  • A local Jazz festival has brought me on as their Public Relations Director!
  • Read about the Jazz Festival; Click here!
  • A new band has chosen me to be their new front-lady. Meet The Mixers
  • The Bathtub Gin Serenaders that I sing with are planning to record soon!

Working on getting kids involved…super pumped about that.

Now I need you! I need so many more people involved! There is no other reason but for the love of bringing others together & making music together. I really can’t tell you where this will “go” but for those out there that it makes since to spend some time working with someone you may never meet in person, I implore you to step out! I’m offering my talents. I’m offering my time. I’m offering my passions. Weather it’s your desire to write songs or help videotape musicians who are in separate countries for music videos, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! The next steps are easy…NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! So…

Who are you? What creativeness would you like to try? Can you pass my blog information on to your buddies/friends/family/doggies?? Are you a professional and want to work on something outside of your comfort zone just for the LOVE (or hell) of it?! Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something bigger than yourself? Besides…I’m a nice person, so … yaye!!! You can do it!

Just think about it, blog about it, link my stuff to what you are talking about and begin! This is a way to ride that musical wave with me and let’s just see what happens! The world is our oyster.

e-mail me here!

p.s. I am closer to Maui now; still flying! Wish me luck on meeting some new friends!


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