Back at it

It’s been a whirlwind as of late! After Maui, life zoomed a long, including NO INTERNET for over a month (gasp!) and no phone for a couple days due to technical difficulties…it was horrific! It was as though the Universe was saying to me…

“NO MORE ILA…SOLITUDE is your brother right now…”

oh God….not what I had planned, but no choice really, sooo….go with the flow!

There are many stories to catch you all up on and will do my best to respect the process, get those stories up as well as continue with the reality of now-situations and happenings. So many wonderful people are joining with me to create this 5 album craziness. I’ve not been able to blog about them, but I have been taking pictures when I met talents at the studio, parties, my new job (by the way!!) and more. You DON’T want to miss these stories.

Yesterday was my first radio interview, my honey’s birthday & I found out I have some major health concerns…all of which will be blogged right here at ilaselene.

So, with that ladies and gents, please leave your comments, spread the word and help bring music to the people who need it…along the way we will all learn things together. The new health issue is an unforseen twist, but hec…that’s life isn’t it baby? 🙂

Stay strong and reach out to others today…we aren’t meant to be islands forever. Open up! You’ll be surprised how healing it can be.


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