Maui, Day two!

My first Maui morning in Maui…I listened to the waves crashing in all night and watched teh sky sparkle above the tiki tourched evening. Now it’s time to jog.

I could do this every day here. As a musician, I’m constantly reminded of how in order to truly be connected to your gift and grow your craft, meditation/prayer is essential. That’s not as easy as it sounds. While in Maui, however, a walk like this literally pours soul back into a person.

Picture from my walk that spoke to me…”make a way.”



I am a woman and I LOVE to find deals. I love to explore culture and history of course, but did I mention SHOPPING?!?

I’m totally joking. I like to shop, but not crazy about it. After shopping all of the time at work for projects I was working on, kids that needed clothing (don’t judge me, after 100 kids with different body sizes & opinions, the “feel-good” fades a bit at times…too many decisions to make and little time to do it. While I was shopping, I was thinking of the little malnourished child that I couldn’t get the courts to help quick enough…I turned shopping for kids and special projects into a mental break from those things & it really helped keep my motor running to finish the race for those who couldn’t run on their own. I will admit though, there were times I found it hard to enjoy when it became more like a check it off the list to hurry up and save that other kid, type thing…hope that makes sense.) I also have this battle about “if” I should spend this money on “that” item. Is it something I will keep for a long time or just a trinket which takes up space, collects dust and advocates to politicians/business owners that I want more of those things in the world. It’s tiring when I am not ampt up to shop. BUT I AM IN MAUI…SHOP I MUST!!! She greeted us at the beginning of our shoping adventure! I was so thrilled…the music continued. How would inspiration hit today?! Wonderful… Here are some beautiful shots taken a long the way, while we jumped from store to store. Maui has so much to see…I want to see more if I get to go again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We spent the day surrounded by the beauty of Maui, listened to the history, watched people from around the globe enjoying her & soaked in the local musicians talent. Now, we were headed back to the resort to put on our swim suits and reflect. I began writing another song & my mother painted. We had no idea that…

…this evening something magical in music would happen… (Next blog entry?)


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