Not wise, but…

I’m sure it’s not wise, but I’m typing while soak in a warm and candle lit bath. It’s lovely! Remarkably my toes are doing the happy dance, so this informs me that although in idea form these choices do no seem a good fit, truly…they are! Splendid!

My phone continues to text at me…I hear it down the hall. I suppose I should have turned that off. Oh well! My toes still happily dance, so Que serra Serra! Candles & a lap top…this is heaven.

So true of modern day romance. Whether in bed with someone or in a bath with the entire Planet, typing away…technology and all it’s toys abound. Instead of me and my thoughts, it’s my and my laptops! Beside you & me in bed is you & T.V. and so on and so forth…but using these tools to produce good is the essential to staying sane.

The old When to say When, comes to mind…it’s a new discipline we all have to learn when it comes to literally “shutting down” or “turning off.” Back away…put down the technology!

(note: computer balancing removes fingers from bathtub equation…sweat in the eyes REALLY hurts! OUCH…need bathtub laptop holder…if there is such a thing.)

My romance with music has been no different. Any blogger will tell you, keeping up with life and blogging is a challenge due to time constraints more often than not. A possible brain-freeze, but really it’s about lack of time. While the musical experience is discovered and unfolding before my very eyes, much like a romance to my heart, technology blasts into the picture. E-mailing other musicians, texting that one musical genius who never seems to get back to you without 20 calls their way first, becoming that musician (not-so-genius) who never seems to get back to people unless they are called 50 times (what? I’m not perfect!), typing out lyrics (mostly though, I still write due to the connection to paper that is irreplaceable when I write songs/poems/design) and then there is recording and production, iphone collaborations and more!

Finally comes blogging…

Sometimes I am able to, what I like to call, Pre-Blog, which is blog during the actual event and not allow the event to stop it’s forward motion and reach a wonderful musical climax. Mostly though, it’s blog after the activity is done.

So whats a girl to do? I mean, if my musical romance is mid-term interrupted with pre-blog, then it tends to decline the organic moments of creativity and lushness. If I wait too long to reach for my technical blogging-buddy (laptop…you sick-o minds out there!) the timing must be cherry in order for the blog to be blog-tastic!


Music my love…we have a third party involved with us now. Would you do what you did with all the other new comers like that of the pen, paper, microphone & recording devises and teach them your ways, so our romance is subtle, close, aggressive or strong without interruption. P.S. Music, I love you.

Well, I guess only time will tell the story for us all. As usual…it’s all about good, great and perfect timing. Timing is truly everything. BLESS YOU drummers and bass players…

It’s about time I get outta this bath too…FEEEW!


One thought on “Not wise, but…

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