What to do when you lose your car? Celebrate! (Part 1)

So what do you do when you lose your car???

I made the tough decision to call my auto loan provider and give up my car. What a rough time for folks and I, yet again, joined the ranks of those fighting for their rights to drive, own property and in general enjoy financial stability. I made many creative attempts and raged a big fight to keep my vehicle, but it was not meant to be. It was hello tow-truck driver, good-bye car.  I have to say though, the bank was very happy I called and requested a pick-up date. Apparently, that outreach effort on my part reflects well. Instead of waiting for them to grab your car in the middle of the night, they prefer a customer who is upfront and honest. Making repo-arrangements & honesty actually is the better way to go…finally. They were very nice on the phone too. But boy, did I need some TLC & love, so…I made a quick list of things I wanted to do before the good car was gone.

  1. Run as many errands as possible, which there are way too many to list, but even all those stupid little things that needed to be dropped-off, picked-up or the someday I’ll do that was taken care of…and in a hurry. Here’s your Tupperware mom! Love you!
  2. Get all of my belongings outta there! This sounds like a “duh” thing to say, but have you removed EVERYTHING from your car…I mean EVERYTHING? Even when you think you have, there’s that one thing tucked away in that one corner spot of that part of the car you hardly ever go to or use. BUT, it’s still there and you WILL need it someday, so I triple checked. Even after my 3 check, I was laying in bed and remembered another spot! I almost forgot I had my jumper cables, gloves and other odds & ends tucked in with my spare tire! FEW!
  3. Get plywood cut for sagging mattress…it worked!!! mattress is salvaged for the time being!
  4. Make sure hubby has colonic appointment made before repo is scheduled to happen…I’ll explain this in part 2!
  5. Visit Christmas tree farms because they make me happy. Go back to the farm that was one of the first places my hubby and I went together while dating. Very nostalgic and soothing. We found a 5 ft noble with a defect which made it less spendy. What a surprise! Thank you big trunk…perfect fit. (Oh No … tree base! Picked that up too.)
  6. Decorate tree together and watch a great movie; Finding Forester…I love my man.
  7. Thoughts of a spa day began flitting about in my mind…hummmm….

Enjoy the moments…whatever the ride!

Trees are amazing

Trees are amazing

Nature helps EVERYTHING

Nature helps EVERYTHING (conflicted about them being cut, but … it worked.)

Just walking around beautiful trees lifted our spirits~Before the car was repossessed, we took a deformed 5 ft tree home.



4 thoughts on “What to do when you lose your car? Celebrate! (Part 1)

  1. Ya know I went through the same thing many years ago and to this day I still do not have a car and I really don’t miss it and when I have access to one I still choose to walk now it is my thing. You are not alone on this ride and very cool how you handled it. If you have ever watched the repo shows you will see how attached people are to their car and things… It does not mean you are less of a person it just means you have less to deal with. I thinks is powerful internally and I pat you on the back. It will all be okay.

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