Feeling for kids and families in Conn…

This verbage is from an on-line chat earlier today that I wrote & the picture is from our Medford Jazz Festival performances a couple years back. I felt it very approperiate after todays horrible events, so I posted it on our MJF Facebook Page. I’m still so upset and have a community performance tonight where I KNOW I’m going to meet people who are grieving…mad…and every other emotion you can think of. Read below and know that my heart is with you …miles away Connecticut, I stand with you, for all our children….and our Nations future.

I’ve worked in the school system for years helping homeless kids, ages infant through college, reach their educational goals. My mother retired as an elementary school teacher and her mother before her. In those years, the three of us have seen a gradual disconnect happen. Fear has been a driving force behind it all. Guns, bow and arrows and raw violence are the possible tools used to express it, but I feel the lessening of human value and general human needs continues to fester. If not guns, poisonings, if not poisoning, violence. If not violence seclusion and utter separation from one another will become our truth. In that truth there is no understanding or respectful value of one another, only grief and pain like that we are all experiencing today. Unless we meet each other halfway and bring communities together–with all our uniqueness–fear/pride will overcome. When I perform tonight with others from the community trying to lift up the hearts of our community members, I have suddenly found myself in a place of absolute dismay and grief, mixed with a feeling of responsibility to reach out to others and try to support-however I am able. What I’ve seen lacking in the school systems & society & clubs/organizations is the inward focus & unconcern for other human beings. I will do my part tonight in helping bring our communities back together & grieve with strangers. Letting people know that everyone has purpose and therefore should be supported and valued. (mental health support services come to mind) Today, I will continue to receive phone calls from scared friends who are parents and simply listen to them. If we listen & work together we will drown out fear. Without fear, we are more secure and stronger as a Nation. Whatever weapon of choice is considered, the person thinking of these types of horrible actions are less likely to attack. I agree Bryce Graves…it’s a productive approach to ask open-ended questions with the goal of reaching absolute truth. If we all take that approach in each of our communities or circles of influences, we’ll get to the heart of the matter and actually make change.

This picture taken at the Medford Jazz Festival in October around 2010…see what I posted at the Facebook Festival Site here.

2 thoughts on “Feeling for kids and families in Conn…

  1. ila Selene says:

    Appreciate your post asklotta…I hope you are ok in your part of the world. Hard day for sure.

  2. asklotta says:

    You did a beautiful job posting about a horrific event.

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