Jacob Jagger & John B

Jacob Jagger & John B

It’s about that time!

I’ve been dancing with a kiddo who has come soooo far not only in the area of dance, but within himself. When we first met, he was very upset. He didn’t like the new place he was entering and hated the stairs he had to climb in order to meet this new girl in his life that he was to dance with. He didn’t like to dance, except his signature “rock-out” move, which is just that-back and forth rocking-and well…our first meeting ended up with my husband holding Jonathan for over 30 minutes just to calm Johns nerves and help dry his tears.

It’s been over a month of dance practice once a week. He got used to the old stairs. Now, John has entered three new dance practice spaces and new stairs with new lighting, but the same dance partner. I won’t downplay it, every new building he entered was a large challenge for him, met with tears, frustrated out bursts and even hitting his head at times. Every time, I waited…and we started up our old dance moves again. With his mother by his side, concerned for her little boy, I never said we HAD to do this dance competition and always left the door open, but lightly encouraged us to stick it out together and learn and grow as a team. He’d start again, muscle threw his fears and anxioeties…he would melt down, but build himself up again because of his mothers support and my consistency.

Tonight is the big night. BUT REALLY…last night was an amazing event all by itself. It was dress rehearsal for Jonathan and myself. We had our matching cut-up, red, t-shirts on with our names across the front and a metallic silver rockin’ guitar boasting center t-shirt stage. It was our turn to go out and shine. John nervously walked up the ramp behind the dark stage and we navigated around the junk in his path. I remember wishing that it had been cleared up for us, but he seemed to be alright at the moment. We both saw the light at the end of the tunnel and he looked at me. His face lit up and that crooked smile blazed out!

He hit the stage like a tiger! I was beside myself!! Suddenly, there stood a strong young man with such vigor, I could hardly keep myself together to lead him once the music started! The lights the previously annoyed him and two days previously had helped in his crumbling, now seemed to feed him! What a surprise and joyous dance we had. I’ll never forget those 2 minutes on the stage with him and I can only hope things just keep getting better.

During the process of learning from one another, he’s cried & I’ve cried. He’s learned how to move his feet from side to side and I’ve learned how to move my feet as a leader. More to come on this later….until then, please stop by and meet Jonny…cast your vote too if you like! for Johnathan B and Ila S.

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Photo Shoot

Here we go folks! I told ya…we are doin this music thing….here’s one more step closer to the ultimate goal. Photoshoot for album covers and more 🙂 I also aded behind the scene shots for fun… ENJOY!

"nibble on those glasses"

“nibble on those glasses”



Duck face-ummm really!

Duck face-ummm really!


I’m getting ready! Here’s the photographer Heidi!