Photo shoot for The Bathtub GIn Serenaders

Here’s one of the bands I get to croon with…we are working on a CD, so get ready to have some toe-tapping fun with us and read all about it! (All photos taken and edited by the stupendous Heidi Aphrodite Photography…she’s on Facebook)


Chari…washboard player and awesome person. She owns her own exceptionally professional and high class body piercing shop. RIGHT?!? She’s my emerald. Watching her play is almost like being taken away to another place…absolutely entrancing.

1473949_10151988862785690_573574611_n 1472847_10151985824060690_895066328_n

That’s me, looking all happy in front of records…do you guys remember those things called records? I play flute, Kazoo (that’s right! Respect the Kazoo!), percussion and whatever else I tinker with. I’m a vocalist and song writer. I’ve danced my whole life and recently picked up ballroom dancing-Salsa, Tango, Fox Trot, East & West Coast Swing, Bolero and others…and I write this blog!


Awwww Chris! The drummer who not only keeps us together on stage, but is one of the nicest guys in the World. VERY talented and structured man. New home owner, newly married and holds down a 9-5 while being in multiple bands…we wish we had him all to ourselves…but maybe we’ll tour enough that we can have him MOST times!


Stephany!!! She plays piano, mandolin, the squeeze box (a.k.a. Accordion) is a vocalist and song writer! I tell yea, this girls got all kinds of talent seeping from her pores! She also works for the world famous Shakespearian Festival so…there’s THAT!1456053_10151993966795690_427842062_n

The beautiful, sweet and talented Melissa Orr. She’s our violinist, but like many other BTGS members, she plays multiple instruments, is a vocalist and writes music. I’ve lost track of everything she plays, but it includes piano, violin and Yukele. (OH! Let’s not forget she is a ballet dancer and has performed on stage with my husband.)1419823_10151990650960690_1681000266_n 1394365_10151994032180690_1548318742_n

Lawrence Newcomb will take you on a musical journey you’ve not been on (unless you lived in the 1920’s) He is an unassuming man, sophisticated and has a mystique about him. Then he starts to blow…and WATCH yourself! Saying your body will tingle is an understatement. Sax, Clarinet and an old school 1927 straight soprano sax are his weapons of mass destruction..your heart will never be the same. He is also a composer and great guy.


There are some people that change who you are without you even knowing it because they are so gentle in their approach. Meet Eric Von Radics. He’s owned his own music shop, teaches at the local college, writes his own music and plays one mean guitar. Everything from Blues to rock n’ roll climbs from his fingers. He’s a saint. He’s amazing.


David Orr! He stepped up for BTGS when our prohibition chips were down. He learned to play the Yukele bass in a matter of months (or less) and has been stomping the yard ever since. He also plays guitar, piano and is the self proclaimed president of the Ila Fan Club. How can you NOT like this guy?! (Yep-he’s married to the talented Melissa!)

I’m working on the new web site and will be up soon! I was  awake until 4:30 in the morning working on it the other day and am pretty pumped to get a new web site up and running.

We ARE putting a new recording together that will include original songs from myself, Eric and another tune from Stephany.

What a ride this last year has been with this group…it’ll be fun to tell you about the past as I keep you updated with what’s going on in the here and now, but at this moment I just HAD to introduce you to each beautiful face in the Bathtub Gin Serenaders band.

Make happy choices & treat others nice


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