Fixing a Tiny Room…

Where I started: (sort of)DSC_0030Were I finished!

DSC_0039In a small space EVERY inch is important…so I re-purposed, up-cycled and put in the time to make our little bedroom workable.

Here’s the closet process…I always say, “START IN THE CLOSET.” Organize that, and you’ll be amazed how much room you find!


I want you to notice that the colors are easily found…it makes for a quick-ready morning. 🙂 The hangers are all hanging the same direction as well which makes it cleaner and easier to shuffle through them. Then notice the boxes…I’ve moved so many times, I had plenty of random sized boxes, so now they are storage bins! (I’ll cover them someday in prettiness) Lastly the 1970’s file cabinets. I added ribbon onto the drawers for easy open access (I added the top drawer ribbon after this pic was taken)

DSC_0034 DSC_0033

I found this great blog about how to save room in your drawer, so I tested it out in my up-cycled file cabinets. I decided tank tops and other cotton shirts were the first to be tested. I couldn’t believe how much SPACE it saved! Check it out…

I didn’t have the same luck with pants, so they are just stacked..I tried rolling it, but in these drawers it didn’t save any space.

DSC_0035I added a little glass table with a built-in lamp that previously I had in the living room. The boxes up top hold my hats, seasonsal items like swimsuits and summer covers and then there’s a gold sparkely gift bag (you can’t see) tucked on the side shelf that holds my nylons. The shag rug I’d previously had rolled up unused because I couldn’t find a place to put it…it has a new home now! Of course the work out ball is an incentive…if work out equipment is in my face, I use it!

DSC_0044I was pleased so far! 🙂


The closet we have is smaller than a normal closet. So more room was needed! Thankfully, I found a couple of racks in the storage downstairs that I could borrow, so those needed up free for me to borrow for now! Sweet! I liked where mine was placed in the room, but Jacobs was not working out. I put it behind the dresser…that was an awkward moment…to say the least.DSC_0038

We ended up liking the wardrobe on the side next to the dresser. Then I hung jewelery on the wall and hair ties and lovely pictures of us all puzzled together. Tetres really does help in life!

DSC_0040The box held his ties until I found a cute box to use..actually the box came to me…it was a gift! It worked out well. You cn also see the second-hand store vintage jewelery boxes on the dresser. They were a gift from my boyfriend (now husband), so we both get all warm-fuzzy now that they are front and center.

DSC_0039So all in all I spent nothing, but creativity and time. I used what I had & re-purposed them. Sure I lucked out on some borrowed items, but minimal. Although, if you asked your friends, they most likely have extra unwanted bangles and tidbits that you can create magic from. Have fun!


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