Shoes get sparkled!

Hi ladies!  I planned an event and did A LOT of do-it-yourself projects and pinched so many penny’s you could probably call me copper-fingers at this point. Let me tell you…it was WORTH it! I saved crazy amounts of cash, didn’t over stress about anything and the set-up/tear-down of the event was super easy.

So without further adue…here are my shoes!


Don’t they look so fancy on the washer and dryer? ha!

As you can tell, I have pretty small feet (!!!hint: shop in the kids section if you are smaller-toed…GREAT deals! Just ask the lovely sales person to help you translate sizes to find your fit.)

How did I add the pink??? Here’s the secret…

IMG_2889Yep! I found that with the right design of shoe-this tape is a quick and easy fix. PLUS,  if I want to I remove the tape, it’s easy and there is no damage to the shoe! (I’ll use the left over tape from my shoe in my scrapbooking…how cool is that?!?)

Here are the pics that got me there…AND don’t miss another DIY shoe!

Happy taping!

IMG_3199IMG_3206IMG_3207IMG_3208IMG_3202IMG_3201IMG_3203IMG_3204Of COURSE I added glitter on the bottom of my shoes too. Mod Podge, paint a design and glitter as you like. DONE.


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