Amazing Prospect music-A festival recap


Well hello there! I think it’s time for a musical update as I wonder through this great entertainment journey. I’m surrounded by musicians and dancers, which is a DREAM COME TRUE! Everyone is such a tremendous talent and everyone has great purpose, so when I meet these wonderful people and have the chance to hang with them, I’m in absolute heaven. Awww if only every day could be like this. đŸ™‚ Did you notice the backdrop of the stage I’m standing in front of? Those windows behind me were beautiful from the audience perspective…GREAT idea! I’m just sayin’. Ans yes…that is my little trumpet kazoo…a gift from a talented musician friend.


I sang with The Bathtub Gin Serenaders at a beautiful outdoor festival called Music in the Mountains (check them out on Facebook too) This festival is a class-act. There are lots of organic food choices with a BBQ country-vibe, talented vendors you can buy everything from trinkets to snuggly fingerless gloves (I bought my awesome wedding gloves at this festival!) and MUSIC! The crowd was welcoming and despite the over cast, we had a fun-filled gig. I never know what silliness will fly out of my mouth and this gig was definitely one of those moments…laughter abounded because it wasn’t just me this time spouting funnies, the entire gang got involved this time. I loved it. And thankfully so did the crowd of 100’s…FEW! (wipes brow)

After the 1st day of the festival, most of the musicians met out on the Prospect Hotel porch and jammed…it was amazing. I guess this is a tradition the Prospect Hotel owners hold near and dear and of course once you are there, everyone can see why. We didn’t know one another, but the music did and that’s all we needed. Fantastic porch jam session…I am soooo bringing a recorder next time!

Here are some shots of the fun!IMG_2861


Earlier that day I found out I’d be sleeping in my very own RV! The rest of the band made other arrangements, so I got to have the place all to myself. I found out later that a local RV business in Central Point Oregon DONATED all of his RV’s to the bands as a friendly gesture to both the musicians and Prospect Hotels management. Someone even made little signs for us so we could find our way…check it out.


So thoughtful…and did I mention I had a blast! đŸ™‚ You all MUST go next year and hopefully we will get booked again! A big thank you to all those who put everything together! It’s my first official “musician staying in an RV after her show” moment. Hec yes, I took pictures! Wouldn’t you?

IMG_2856I had fun needless to say and the actual festival was amazing.

We had fabulous food in the Hotel restaurant that night…and drinks OF COURSE.


And then…BOY DID IT POUR RAIN!! I headed over to the local pub because I was nowhere near ready to catch ZZzzz’s. Of course there was karaoke and I thought well why not!? For those of you who know me, you know by now that I had a HUGE fear and loathing of karaoke. I could sing to a stadium full of excited Football fans (1st person to sing the National Anthem on the U of O stadium floor! I was 17…) but ask me to speak in public, sing to small crowds or kareoke…forget it man! I know, it’s ridiculous, but it was my reality. Like everything else, I MADE myself sing karaoke (with help from a wonderful girlfriend Carrie Hopfinger; I love you and thank you much!). So singing tonight out in the middle of Prospect, pouring rain outside and only a handful of people in the Trophy Room and knowing I had a wonderful “musicians RV” to settle in for the night, it seemed fitting to continue to face that fear. Hey, everyone has fears…just don’t let them hold you back. FACE IT. If you don’t, it’ll face you and stick its nasty tongue out at you and crush everything you’ve worked so hard for. I constantly do things that I know I will fail at…then I get better. đŸ™‚ Face it…you will sooner than later anyway.

As I worked my way through the mud, torrential ran and trying to find my RV in the dark-I was happy I’d done some more singing, met some friendly faces and even met a chef that promised to hooked me up with an outstanding dessert he’d created. yum.

A long drive brought me to a wonderful place and even more wonderful experiences. Freakin’ fantastic. I listened to the pelting rain on the RV roof and slowly fell asleep.

I had no idea how the following days events would revile new cracks in my heart…both musically and personally.



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