Decoration DIY ACORNS


Why pay almost 10.00 dollars (or even $15.00) for something you can quickly make?! That’s what I thought!! So I went acorn hunting just like a little chipmunk. My mother and I filled our pockets with acorns every time we were on our morning walk. It was fun, I felt like a kid and we have wonderful memories walking, talking and picking up acorns together. It’s the warm simple things in life that really stick to your heart.

After our many trips I had enough and was ready to get to work! See?


I separated all of their “hats” and got ready to hot glue the right sized acorn body to the hat of choice. Here’s a hint: Find the right sized hat FIRST. Then start glueing! Simple as that…oh and don’t forget your music. It’s fun to rock out to get that acorn mojo working!



PERFECT! Now, I decided to spray the acorns GOLD, but go ahead and get crazy! Use whatever colors you desire.


Let dry and you are done! Quick, easy and I will use these every fall. This would be a fun project with your tween or teenager too! Even you and your significant other will feel accomplished after finishing this fun project. Now get out there and build your memories as you build your home.