Thankful for so much…photos!

Quick snap shot of our quick (but still very special) day!

Our First Look


Do you see the natural late-morning sun?




Daddy is pleased! And he looks GREAT in his suit he already owned. ❤ I decided to follow “suit” and use my flower clutch purse instead of buying bridal one. Every time I use it, I think of Clint and our special day.


I took grandma with me too…that’s her handkerchief in my hand…and BOY did I need it! Thanks g-ma!


Taking a moment to breathe before the ceremony, you can see a bit of my borrowed shoes. They were my mothers gold glitter pumps and they were outstanding to wear. Thank you mom…may my feet be strong like yours in this life. xo


Clint is wearing my dress! No seriously! His pocket hankie was a snippet from my dress alterations. Our seamstress/maid of honor sewed it into a fan and viola! I loved it. Might I just say…what an amazing backdrop for all of our pics! Nature is truly a beautiful sanctuary to both capture beauty and feel it!















My mom walked my down the beginning of the aisle because though EVERYTHING she’s always been there for me. She started me out in this world and it felt right to have her walk me to the man who holds my heart.



Halfway down to meet my groom, my mother and I met up with her husband; my step-dad. He came into my life a few years ago, but became the grandest positive male influence of my life. My mother looks like an angel with her lacy winged blouse. It just made since.












and the two of them together walked emotionally with me. My husband has two children too, so we ALL joined many family members together that day.

and the two of them together walked emotionally with me. My husband has two children too, so we ALL joined many family members together that day.













The cake was brought in from the local grocery store and also where I purchased the flowers. I truly loved this understated delicate design that was both feminine and masculine. BONUS:The ONE bite I got was DELICIOUS!


Here I used the parasol as a backdrop for the toasting table. Our engagement photos that we have on display from our home, potted plants that found new homes with many of the guests and bridal party and of course a splash of green M&M’s! THe groomsman in the foreground (Tony B) is sipping out of the 1920’s Champaign glass we gave to each attendant. Each glass had m&m’s, bubbles and a peacock feather. We presented them with their gifts right before our toast so we could toast them first. (minus the alcohol cause their glasses were filled with M&M’s at that point…although, those disappeared & were replaced with adult beverages pretty quickly…ha!











My hair style was another last-minute surprise gift! The Auntie of the minister performing the ceremony heard I had planned to do my own locks. Turns out she is a vintage store owner as well as a hair dresser! She SPOILED me with this vintage princess-inspired curly look, splashed with the same pink carnations that were peppered throughout the bouquets and decor. Fabulous.















I decided my hubby would love a new watch for his gift. Isn’t it lovely!? The earings I wore were a hand-made gift from a loyal fan. I couldn’t believe how perfect the earings where and the heart behind them was just what I wanted the entire wedding to be…deep meaning. (OH! my gift from my groom was amazing…I’ll blog about that one soon!)














Here’s the gang! The colors just all came together. Tony B (he’s the groomsman to the right) created flower bouquets & boots the night before. I purchased flowers in bulk from the local grocery store in pink, creams & greens. Tony used ribbon that I had and he brought some with him too. The Peacock feathers were an added bonus that Tony and I both just so happened to bring! He used them in decor, my bouquet & boots; now I have peacock feathers in our home! Thank you Tony! Every one of these beautiful people hold a special place in both Clint and my heart. Thank you guys so much.




The Bridal Party found their outfits at second-hand stores. The groom (my HUBBY!) bought his suit on a big-time sale & found the perfect tie on a discounted rack! My dress was a strapless I found at a prom-dress type store (BELIEVE me, I looked for vintage or second-hand and even Craiglist and came up FLAT.) My dress was BEAUTIFUL, but my seamstress (lovely lady to the left in the chocolate gown) added a wide strap. I added vintage jewelry and chains I had. The emerald-green brooch was a gift from my mother. Even our preacher-man was wearing a 1920’s bow tie her picked up at a second-hand store and put his outfit together with our colors in mind. He looks perfect. By the way this was his FIRST wedding and he was the BEST I’ve ever heard and was super professional but still lots of fun…as you can tell! Thank you Dylan!!!




This next picture was taken with our groomsman, Tony B’s, cell phone right after the wedding ceremony. I felt compelled to the trees for our “after ceremony moment” and well…after seeing this picture, I knew why. Stunning natural beauty.






This next photo is from right before we left for dinner after a wonderful afternoon wedding with friends and family. Not everyone we loved could be there, so we hope you see these photos and feel more apart of our special day…it didn’t take a year to plan, but it did take YEARS to find the right man for me. VERY thankful…Happy Thanksgiving!


Riding in cars with boys and crying

Photo0667I’ve been crying for the past couple of hours. I don’t know how to explain it. I won’t even try. All I know is my heart just exploded for my father whom i don’t really know, but i just realized a completely new perspective…his.  You see I always thought I understood what was going on in this planet and I suppose prided myself in understanded where others where coming from, but men where a bit of mystery to me…that was before the the movie ” Riding in cars with boys” invaded my scences.  This 2001 movie had flown under my radar because frankly put, I probably wasn’t ready to watch it. To the neive viewer the true essence might just pass you by, but I sit here weeping because for me, I finally saw something I’d never thought of seeing before.


When I was singing in New Orleans, I passed by Steve Zahn & later he was enjoying my bands music twiddling his finger in the air in appreciation. At the time, I recognized him as that “funny guy” but as of tonight, now he’s the actor who portraid levels of sensativity that has brought me to absolute tears. Someone who was able to embody the sensativity of that of a man who struggles with addition and wants so desperatly to love his children…maybe the best way is to remove himself from their lives…watching Steve play the role of a father who under the spell of drugs left his family and his only son. He finally see his only boy again….his epically sweet, smart and suddle smerk was enough to … I don’t know… bring understanding to even this battered and bruised ego. I finally saw what possibly my own father has been feeling all these years. How can a man who has 4 beautiful daughters and one loving adoring son leave and turn his back? Maybe, because like that of the man Steve Zahn portrade, was in a position to know better. To know that it was best to walk away before things got worse. I’ve always been mad about why my dad left and now my own two marriages later I, of course, see myself quitly blaming him and my mother at times for my decitions, which seems silly…but now, maybe it’s a bit more understandable.

The look in Steves face when he says the words to his son that it was best that he left, dropped me completely. In every since of the word. I felt my heart colaps and my mind flashed to every father-daughter scene I could remeber almost faster than I could bare…something about his innocent and “wanting to do right” look cut me … cut me deep. oh shit…

I now have more pitty on my biological father than I have ever before. I’m not mad, but I  understand and it is almost unbareable. Unbareable to step or walk in his shoes. To live with an addiction, no matter what it is, is an incopacitating alment that you KNOW is stealing from you … you actually watch everything you love leave your hands…willingly…but against your will. And to know that everything or everyONE is better off without you in the picture is got to be the hardest decition any man could ever make.

Parents love doesn’t die. But sometimes that means because they are not perfect, the leaste they can do is walk away. It’s not because they hate us, but because it’s what’s best. I’m an absolute teary mess tonight…because my dad walked away a long time ago and I’m just now getting it.